Why we fight 2009 - FREE

by xcurraheex



released December 1, 2009



all rights reserved


xcurraheex Manchester, UK

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Track Name: no frills hardcore

We raise our fuckin fists X'd up hands and YOT Tshirts, we feel alive SXE and the HC pride.
Friends side by side unity til the day we die. Nowhere to go so we're just hangin out at the hardcore show.
We cant keep these feelings inside so speak up and speak out, cos on the stage is when we're feeling alive no frills hardcore,
so raise your voice and say how it is, speak up and speak out. Backwards caps and your XL tees no frills hardcore. We raise our fuckin fists.
Track Name: still in control

Still in control, a positive mind has focus and drive and thats what you need to set your sights and get the best out of life.
Still pushing on, we're pushing everyday just to have our fuckin say on a way of life cos with open eyes we set our sights.
A positive fuckin mind has focus and drive. With open fuckin eyes we set our sights. A positive fuckin mind with open fuckin eyes.
We're still in control we're still right on top. Still in control a positive mind has focus and drive.
Track Name: encouragement

You've got the fuckin vision and you've got the fuckin mind to avoid a mid-life standstill feeling like your hands are tied,
so just keep your head up and both feet on the ground and sooner or later it'll all come clear that encouragement can be found.
Keep your head up high and both your feet on the ground.
Track Name: forward is the only way

Lets take our fuckin time and see what we achieve, strength is our strongpoint we just have to believe.
There's only one direction thats on our minds so lets get things moving forward til we reach those better times, we can reach those better times.
Its ambition that you seem to lack but with 100% commitment we have got your fuckin back, so we wont fail to strive cos forwards the only way.
We'll get our point across just by taking it day by day, we will take things day by fuckin day. We're miles ahead cos forward is the only way,
we wont fail to strive cos theirs nothing in our way.
Track Name: take our time

Look how far you've come now how far can you go just to stay on the right road so far away from home.
We're just living our lives to make the most of everyday, heads up high, i cant relate, take our time, wont look back,
step by step and watch the cracks, we'll make a change with impact. The seasons always changing but we're still holding on,
we wont take a stepback cos we're leading from the front.
We'll never look the other way and we'll never change our minds so we'll stay on course to reach the end and take our time.
Life is short but we'll take our fuckin time, we can open up and see what's left inside, the only thing left is hardcore pride.
Track Name: b positive

Looking back and looking on, it never died its never gone, be positive and be mighty strong and you will learn that you can do no wrong.
I can see its worth it i see it everyday and with a positive outlook we'll have our fuckin say on a positive outlook in a posi fuckin scene
and we're all in this together we'll make the perfect team. You have got to be positive, you just got to be positive with dedication.
You have got to be positive.