We Stand Strong 2008 - FREE

by xcurraheex

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released March 1, 2008



all rights reserved


xcurraheex Manchester, UK

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Track Name: choose your path

This is our chance to do whats right and t our sights on goals that mean so much more to you and me.
we'll see them through, theres so much more that we can do right from the start we'll stick together and play our part.
Theres so much more to life by living this way, choose your fuckin path and make your choice today.
The X i have on my hand will never fade, its etched out on my heart and my choice was made.
Track Name: it's not for me

It feels like we cant get a word in whenever you're around, you shout your mouth and put us down,
down on the ground were you'll find your knocked out teeth should you ask for more and now you're standing all lone wondering who's your friend.
Its not for me. You throw your fucking insults but we stand strong,
we've been thrieving off your weakness all along nd now its time for you to make a change, its just a phase.
You're just a sucker in your hardcore phase and sold out your friends for these wasted days.
Been here for years and you wont last two, you turned your back and now its not for you. Fuck you.
Track Name: make this a scene

Its your turn to speak ive chewed up all my words, ive gone and said too much its just another lesson learned.
Oh shit ive gone and done it again, so what! But they dont really care so fuck them, all they do is stand and stare, make this a scene.
Now the time has come for you to stand side, good fuckin riddance go fuckin hide. Hardcre means so fuckin much to me, the scene is built by the bonds of loyalty.
Oh shit iv gone and done it again, so what! But they dont really care, fuck them. All they do is stand and stare so make this a scene.
Track Name: out of line

What the fuck happened to you? You're not the fuckin same and it seems to me you've crossed the line when all you wanted was a fuckin change.
Take a minute to look at yourself and tell me what it is you see, its only been a matter of time and now you're something i dont want to be.
When i think back to the days when we stood side by side,i didnt think it woul come to this but you fuckin stepped out of line.
And yo're feeling alone and wondering where it went wrong and i know you cant see it because it says so on your face.
And i can tell you want it back but those days are long gone, so forget it old pal just move on you stepped out of line.
Track Name: another try

Theres been so much sid on the subject now im chewing up these words, its been said once but we'll say it again and lets see what we've learned.
We've got o stick together and make something of our lives. Think i'll keep my head instead off running off to hide, i'll try.
Now its time for us to open our eyes and see whats going on, they'll take what they wont from under our noses and we'll lose everything we've got.
You'll fel it right here when it hits you and i'll never forget, you'll wsh you could've seen it coming and all you can say is 'fuck, what have i done?'
Oh fuck what has happened to me? Why didnt i realise? Iv messed things up good this time but lets give it another try. What the fucks happened to me?