Back On Track 2011- FREE

by xcurraheex



released July 1, 2011



all rights reserved


xcurraheex Manchester, UK

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Track Name: Insight

Insight. Intentions strong you put up a fight even though you were wrong, dont step aside dont step back you're still face to face with a plan of attack.
Convinced that what you've heard has truth in itself, can lessons be learnt?
I doubt i'll see the day when i come face to face with the critics nothing to say about me.
You've touched down and said your piece to lay down your case but cant look me face to face so im talking to a wall and fell on deaf ears.
The downfall you seak. You're no better than me.
Track Name: thinkin' straight

The times have changed but not me i stay the same, cos no matter i how old i get my intentions will never change,
new bands will come and new faces will show but the message will stay the same.
This band has a purpose and our message is clear that what we believe in is the straight edge.
The times have changed but our views stay the same we like to keep our fucking heads straight so atleast we can think.
The upper hand is where it lies. Our heads are straight. Our minds are clear our pockets are full and atleast i can think.
Track Name: take it back

Can we take it back? Back to when our words were heard with fresh ideas. This time we will take it back.
Back to the days when everything that said just felt right and we didnt care what they said we spoke straight back.
We didnt care what they thought of us, they're just superior and we're stepping stones but we still care. So is this all that you can say?
You run your mouth, verbal assault take it back.
Track Name: we're the crew

You, me, we're the crew and we will show them what to do with positive minds and positive thoughts we'll pass the baton just like we're taught.
Strong hearts make us men with courage we store and keep it within. Free spirit and freewill, brotherhood for you i'd kill.
Dont you forget that this is all that we have and together we win. Promise me this, you wont forget that together we win. We're the crew!
Track Name: the effort

We are the key to the scene and unity. We share, we care, play fair and succeed. We wear our hearts on our sleeve and believe that can one day achieve our goals.
Your will, desire and your true colours show and the effort you make and the promise you hold will not be overlooked.
We'll bring them down. Its the effort that you make and the promise that you hold. We will bring them down.